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Hello! My name is Tina and I am here to give you some top advice about your garbage bin. The chances are, you do not even realise how important their garbage bins are until they run into problems. I certainly didn't think about my garbage bins until one day I noticed that they were overflowing and that they smelt really bad. I called up the local garbage service and they sent a contractor to my property. He recommended that I hire larger skip bins and he gave me some great tips about how to keep my bins clean. I hope you like my blog.

2 Important Inquiries to Make Before Hiring a Bin


One of the most convenient ways to eliminate debris that is created due to projects on your property, such as renovations or landscaping, is by opting for skip bin hire. These service providers will drop off the bins to your property for as long as you need them and will also empty the bin for you on a scheduled basis. However, a mistake many people make is simply hiring the bins without making prior inquiries. This could put you at risk of disappointment, especially if you do not follow the appropriate regulations of bin hire. This article highlights some of the inquiries that you should make beforehand.

1. Permits that you may require

The first thing that you should inquire prior to hiring a bin is whether you would need special permits. This is especially true if you would like a large bin as some homeowners may opt to have it situated on the street, rather than in their homes. In this scenario, a permit would be prudent as you could be blocking street access to your neighbours.

Failure to have this permit could expose you to hefty city council fines, especially if one of your neighbours was to complain about the skip bin. Therefore, prior to hiring a skip bin, inquire from the service provider whether a permit would be necessary and if they would be able to file the appropriate paperwork for you.

2. Handling hazardous waste

Another inquiry that some people tend to overlook is what items they are permitted to put into the bin. This is because some people may be under the assumption that since the bins are used for garbage disposal, anything can be tossed in them. Mixing hazardous waste with the regular garbage may attract penalties from your bin service provider. Besides, environmental laws on waste handling are strict and could cause you litigation issues.

Bin providers will have separate bins or waste bags for trash that would require special considerations as well as waste that they will simply not dispose of.  For instance, if you are eliminating asbestos during your renovation project, you would have to inform the bin hire company about this. They would then take measures to ensure that the asbestos is disposed of appropriately to prevent environmental contamination.

Other items that may be deemed too hazardous for the bin hire would include car batteries, damaged electronics, medical waste, pesticides/herbicides, aerosols, motor oil and more. It should also be noted that if you have waste materials that require special handling, you may have to pay higher fees for the bin hire.

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15 January 2018