Improving Your Garbage Bins

Hello! My name is Tina and I am here to give you some top advice about your garbage bin. The chances are, you do not even realise how important their garbage bins are until they run into problems. I certainly didn't think about my garbage bins until one day I noticed that they were overflowing and that they smelt really bad. I called up the local garbage service and they sent a contractor to my property. He recommended that I hire larger skip bins and he gave me some great tips about how to keep my bins clean. I hope you like my blog.

Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Construction Skip Bin


A construction skip bin is vital when you're planning any type of construction, renovation, or major remodelling project, as you obviously cannot just bag up the debris that is created by such jobs and then leave those bags by the curb. A bin, or several bins, around the property during a construction or renovation project can also keep the area safer, as you can then contain waste in one spot and not have dangerous debris around the property. When you are ready to choose a construction skip bin, note a few mistakes to avoid in your choice so that you know you get the right bin for your needs, and also know how to properly manage the debris created by your project.


A walk-in skip bin with a door on one side can make it easier to toss out heavy items, as you then won't need to lift those items up and over the side of the bin. However, don't make the mistake of thinking that only heavy items mean a walk-in skip bin is in order; if you will be tossing out floor tiles, glass pieces of any sort, or anything that might break and shatter, you don't want to toss those over the side of the bin. If such a piece were to break, this can mean dangerous flying shards of glass or tile. Opt for a walk-in bin if you'll be tossing anything that is sharp or potentially dangerous, even if it means an added cost.


Don't assume that a skip bin company will pick and sort through your waste and remove items that can be recycled, as this job can be time-consuming and difficult. Instead, get separate bins for recycling and ensure your workers use them so that you keep as many items out of landfills as possible.


Wheelie bins are good for indoor work or for lightweight debris, but be very cautious about choosing larger bins on wheels. Larger bins are often heavier than you might realize, and especially once they're loaded with debris, so it's easy to have them get away from you and roll into your building, a parked car, or some other obstacle. If someone were inside the bin, tossing out rubbish, and it was to begin to roll, this could cause serious injury. It can be better to get a fixed bin without wheels even if it means needing to take a few more steps to reach the bin, so that you know you and your property will be safe during your construction or renovation project.


26 January 2018