Improving Your Garbage Bins

Hello! My name is Tina and I am here to give you some top advice about your garbage bin. The chances are, you do not even realise how important their garbage bins are until they run into problems. I certainly didn't think about my garbage bins until one day I noticed that they were overflowing and that they smelt really bad. I called up the local garbage service and they sent a contractor to my property. He recommended that I hire larger skip bins and he gave me some great tips about how to keep my bins clean. I hope you like my blog.

The Advantages of Mini Skip Hire


Whether you're cleaning out your office, doing your home's annual cleaning or renovating your property, one thing remains constant, that there will be large quantities of waste that you will need to dispose. There are a number of ways you can get rid of this waste, but perhaps, there is none that is as convenient as using mini skip hire services.

What is a mini skip

A skip bin refers to a large waste container that is open at its top side. It's usually loaded into a lorry or truck to be emptied by waste management companies. Skips come in a variety of sizes from large, to small or mini. Mini skip hire is mostly suitable for domestic purposes, however businesses with minimal waste management demands may also utilize these bins.

There are two main sizes of mini skips for hire; the 2-yard skips which can carry about 25 black bin bags, and the 3-yard skips which carries about 35 bin bags. The cost of hiring a skip bin usually ranges from $55 per cubic metre to $89 per cubic metre, with mini-skips being the most affordable. You should however, bear in mind that the price of mini skip hire services will also be influenced by the distance from your home to the dumpsite and the hiring period.

Why hire a mini skip?

Mini skip hire can be quite advantageous for you. For instance:

Saves you time and money: Can you imagine the amount of time it would take you to move to and from your home to the dumping site? Yes, it would probably take you hours not to mention the amount of money you would use on fuel (with the ever-rising fuel cost). Skip hire can save you a lot of time and money, because all you have to do is hire the bin, fill it and it will be collected by the skip bin company for dumping.

Convenience: The biggest advantage of mini skip hire is the convenience it offers. For instance, you will not have to look for a dumping site to dispose your waste nor will you need to seek the necessary permits required for dumping. The skip bin renting company will bring you the bin, look for necessary permits and collect the bin once full, therefore, offering you convenience.

Environmentally friendly: Most skip hire companies recycle 80% to 100% of the skips contents. For instance, materials such as metals and even plastics are sold to recycling companies, therefore, making mini skip hire environmentally friendly. 


12 February 2018