Improving Your Garbage Bins

Hello! My name is Tina and I am here to give you some top advice about your garbage bin. The chances are, you do not even realise how important their garbage bins are until they run into problems. I certainly didn't think about my garbage bins until one day I noticed that they were overflowing and that they smelt really bad. I called up the local garbage service and they sent a contractor to my property. He recommended that I hire larger skip bins and he gave me some great tips about how to keep my bins clean. I hope you like my blog.

Instances Where Rental Skip Bins with Doors Are the Perfect Choice


Hiring skip bins for any projects was not easy in the past as it is today. For instance, nowadays, you can sit behind a computer, make an order and expect a service provider to drop a skip bin as and when you need it. Furthermore, you get a chance to peruse all the skip bins available before choosing. Skip bins with doors have been gaining popularity for quite some time now, thanks to their unique capabilities. Notably, some projects are better accomplished using skip bins with doors, as highlighted in this post.

Heavy Waste

Since traditional skip bins do not have doors, rubbish must be lifted over the container's sides for disposal. While it does not matter with light waste, it is a different case when dealing with heavy waste. For instance, renovation projects often generate a lot of heavy waste such as bricks, concrete, rocks, wood beams and metal. Lifting and dumping such waste over the side of a bin eventually takes a toll on the body, and you might soon start complaining of aching muscles and joints. Hiring skip bins with doors makes disposal of heavy waste easy. You simply carry the waste in a wheelbarrow and push it right through the door. No lifting is required, which goes a long way in protecting you from injuries.

Longer Projects

Some projects last longer than others, meaning you might need to sweep and wash the skip bin in your possession. However, the exercise can be challenging with a traditional skip bin because you have to jump inside, sweep, and collect the dirt before disposal. Washing is even harder and, in some circumstances, virtually impossible since you have to tilt a skip bin to drain the water. Skip bins with doors make the perfect waste disposal contraption for longer projects such as building and construction, meaning you can begin work with a clean skip bin every day. You only have to open the door/s and sweep out all the debris. Washing is also easier since you only need to push the water out.

Tool Storage Needs

If you do not have a shed or a garage where you can place project tools, storage could become a problem. Notably, you cannot leave tools in the open exposed to the elements and burglars. Although a skip bin's primary purpose is waste disposal, models with doors are versatile and can double up as temporary tool storage units. Thus, you can store different heavy tools such as pneumatic drills and generators without a problem.

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28 March 2022